Kreative Innovative Social Science is more than pursuing a methodological line of research inquiry or even pushing the boundaries of standard research practice. 

It's an attitude.   

It is cosmopolitan in the sense that it reconnects the ties between humans and their environment, between humanity and our material world. 

It values a social justice perspective with diversity and inclusion as core ingredients and beneficial forms of (self) transformation as its most important outcome.

It invites us to think and act differently and to put knowledge into practice, to consider our environment as a living lab to be infused with social innovation.

I develop, test, rethink and reconsider methodological practices in qualitative research inquiry in order to produce knowledge differently, or jointly. It often means pushing research vocabulary and concepts to their exhaustion, or to mine. I do not disfavor conventional research methods.  In fact, I often use them and offer my services to those who don't master them well enough. I make an academic living out of them. However, my core mission lies elsewhere.

Some say innovation is carefully pulling together bits and pieces in a way that has not been done before. Some say innovation starts in an imaginary space.  I am somewhere inbetween.  My most fascinating methodological mozaïks consist of something old, something new and something odd, to prevent from permanently repeating myself. I am attracted by multi- and transdisciplinary work.  It is the heart of creative and innovative practice.

My research work is linked to the following topics of interest:

  • Qualitative research methods
  • Qualitative evidence synthesis
  • Arts based methods
  • Multi-sensory methods
  • Visual research methods - photo voice
  • Community based research, social-cultural practice
  • Evidence-based practice and systematic reviews
  • Qualitative data analysis
  • Critical emancipatory research
  • Popular culture and cultural heritage
  • Vulnerable populations

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