Key Publications

Artistically inspired methods and research creation

Coemans S., Raymaekers A., Vandenabeele J., Hannes K. (2017). Evaluating the extent to which social researchers apply feminist and empowerment frameworks in photovoice studies with female participants: a literature review. Qualitative Social Work: Research and Practice, in press, 1-13.

Systematic review methodology and applications

Hannes K., Petry K., Heyvaert M. (2017). The meta-aggregative approach to qualitative evidence synthesis: A worked example on experiences of pupils with special educational needs in inclusive education. International Journal of Research & Method in Education, ï…ŒPublished online, 1-15.

Qualitative research methodology and applications

Hannes K., Heyvaert M., Slegers K., Van den Brande S., Van Nuland M. (2015). Exploring the Potential for a Consolidated Standard for Reporting Guidelines for Qualitative Research: an Argument Delphi Approach. International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 14 (4), 10.1177/1609406915611528, 1-16.

Methodological support to other author teams

De Buck E., Van Remoortel H., Hannes K., Govender T., Naidoo S., Avau B., Vande veegaete A., Musekiwa A., Lutje V., Cargo M., Mosler H., Vandekerckhove P., Young T. (2017). Approaches to promote handwashing and sanitation behaviour change in low- and middle income countries: a mixed method systematic review. Campbell Systematic Reviews, 7, 1-447.

Key Publications

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