I coordinate a Qualitative Inquiry Team concerned with developing, testing, improving and innovating primary and meta-level qualitative research designs. Our research efforts focus on the development of tools, worked examples and guidelines for conducting state of the art qualitative research and produce excellent overviews of the literature. Our team specializes in the development of approaches for meta-synthesis of qualitative research, visual research and arts-based research.

The methods base we develop is broadly relevant for the field of social-cultural, social welfare and public health practice, with a particular interest in working with vulnerable populations, community based research and topics related to popular culture, such as street art, parkour and social circus.

Do you have an idea that links to our area of interest and you don't know where to put it?  Contact us for an open discussion.

Interested in my projects? Please visit my overview of projects.
Interested in my publications?  Please visit my academic depository.

Interested in a lecture? Contact me by e-mail to discuss some of the options.  Speaker fees are entirely re-invested in the sparkling research ideas of my junior staff members.


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