SoMeTHin' K like(s) Research

SoMeTHin'K actively pushes towards the development of methods and models for positive change in society. We test, evaluate, implement, and improve existing methods, techniques, models or d.a.t.a sets generated in fields such as urban development, the public art, design and technology sector, community-based research practice and the global sustainable development area. Where necessary, we re-appropriate methods developed in other disciplines (art & science) for use in the broad field of humanities, or develop our own innovative approach to respond to emerging social challenges, whilst remaining sensitive to quality control and empirical grounding. Our perspective is multimodal in nature, combining numerical, textual, sensory and/or arts-based research d.a.t.a to study complex social phenomena. We develop theoretical frameworks as a basis for how such phenomena can be understood and organized. 

We specialize in the development of innovative qualitative, quantitative and mixed research methods, with a particular focus on survey, arts-based, place-based, multisensory and futuring research designs as well as qualitative evidence synthesis as a meta-review technique. The team often works from an inclusive, academic activism perspective and contributes to theoretical discussions on quality assessment of research, the role of qualitative and artistic research in an evidence-based discourse, the big data movement, and the potential of creative research dissemination practices.

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